Senior Web Developer

We’re looking for a skilled and ambitious developer to join the award-winning Anthologie digital team. Our ideal someone has a genuine interest (and strong opinions) in technology, and a desire to grow their career in a fast-paced agency environment.

The role

Developers in the Anthologie digital team are experienced, innovative and willing to explore new ways of working. They’re practical and curious, always looking to optimise – learning from what we’ve done, planning for what comes next.

Ultimately, we care a lot about elegant, performant development work, and we’re always looking to improve. Our ideal candidate absolutely believes this too.

In the past year at Anthologie, our developers have built an internationally acclaimed platform to throw a spotlight on overfishing, and they’ve crafted an engaging interface for Australians to track their carbon impact… amongst a range of other projects.

Off the back of some significant wins, we have several high profile projects coming in 2022 and we’re excited to grow the team and take the year head on.

About Anthologie

Anthologie is an independently owned strategic design and digital consultancy. We help our clients navigate change and complexity, and deliver creative strategies across brand, business and product.

Central to our work is delivering impact on social and environmental issues. We bring design thinking and human-centric simplicity to challenges facing people and planet, seeking out projects we believe will make an impact.

We believe in offering great experiences for not only our clients, but our people too. It’s important the Anthologie team are happy, motivated and adequately challenged to develop their capabilities.

Our work is backed by our commitment to innovation. We support the Australian Government’s Digital Service Standard with its focus on open source, accessible user-focused design and development. We’re also proud to be a certified B-Corp, and a carbon neutral workplace.

About the Digital Team

The digital team are a tight-knit blend of designers, developers, planners and product owners, working closely to build web products that delight and inspire. We look at the human experience of using our products, focusing on performance and accessibility to ensure a consistent and engaging experience for all.

As a Web Developer, you will…

  • Develop and improve websites and web applications.
  • Work with the team to resolve issues, prioritise needs and find solutions.
  • Conduct effective testing practices.
  • Stay up to date with the latest web development practices through training, study, or participation in community events.
  • Diagnose and manage issues uncovered by customer feedback and testing.
  • Prepare code to ensure it meets progressive standards.
  • Assist with project planning by analysing technical requirements.
  • Create and maintain documentation for projects and processes.
  • Assist with mentoring and induction of new team members.


  • Experience with modern web development practices, languages and applications.
  • Comfort with front-end practices in JavaScript, HTML and CSS.
  • Experience with server-side languages, such as PHP.
  • Familiarity with WordPress and database management.
  • Experience with React and/or other Javascript frameworks.
  • Familiarity with server architecture.
  • Good communication skills and a collaborative working style.
  • The ability to develop ideas and processes, and clearly express them.
  • A high degree of independent judgment.

Working at Anthologie

We work on big, complex challenges that affect real people, projects with social and environmental impact. To do this, we run an open and honest workplace, where everyone’s input is encouraged and listened to. We’re friendly, warm, and inspired by our shared values and purpose.

We provide support for professional development, so you can build your skills and follow career ambitions. We’ll work with you on your plans for now, and for the future.

We value life outside of work too: we’re flexible for daily demands like school runs, sick children, doctors appointments. We put the wellbeing of our staff ahead of projects and profit. We want everyone to feel safe and supported in their work, wherever they’re logging in from.

You’re interested, aren’t you. Go on, send us an email with your CV and any links to your work at