Creating a conscious movement towards more sustainable seafood choices.

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Our oceans and marine life are under constant threat from pollution, rising temperatures and overfishing. To safeguard their health for the future, we need to act fast. Austral Fisheries is an Australian-owned and operated fishing company that is leading the way in raising awareness and movements around sustainability as the world’s first carbon neutral seafood business.

We worked with Austral to develop the Seafood for Good campaign as a way to highlight Austral’s impressive achievements across four sustainability initiatives, while encouraging and facilitating vital conversations around the importance of making ethical and sustainable choices. The campaign generated unprecedented results, with high engagement throughout and a corresponding growth in Austral’s marketing database.

Scan the QR code on Austral products to discover the seafood’s journey from catch to plate.

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We have loved working with the Anthologie team throughout this whole creative process. The alignment of our values has been key to building rapport and creating a positive and engaging experience for customers over the Christmas period.David Carter, CEO Austral Fisheries