Re-imagining a brand who put their people, and the people they care for, front and centre.


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With changes to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) putting the choice and control firmly back in the hands of the customer, we were asked to deliver a brand to an audience who fundamentally didn’t want to be sold or promoted to. We needed to make it easy for customers to obtain the relevant information required to make an informed decision.

Through a series of documentary style customer stories, we re-imagined a brand to put its people, and the people they care for, front and centre. These stories became the visual and verbal brand identity and allowed the impassioned customer base to do the talking. And when Avivo’s voice was needed, we made sure it was authentic and approachable.

Anthologie pitched against two bigger, more well-known agencies. We chose them because they offered fresh and exciting ideas and demonstrated a real 360 approach to our branding. Crucially their approach to strategy was immersive and comprehensive and I felt like they would leverage our knowledge along with their own research to make informed decisions.

Creatively they understood our audience. They delivered work passionately and tirelessly. They took the time to understand our limitations in terms of budget and created solutions that delivered reach and cut-through.

I felt no stone was left unturned and together we created an exciting new approach for our organisation.Luke Bolton, Communications and Engagement Manager Avivo