Challenging the perception of Vocational Education and Training.

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Australia is going through the most significant disruption in the world of work since the industrial revolution. And how we respond has huge implications for the next generation.

VET is one of the most progressive forms of education available to school leavers today. It’s in touch with the realities of the current and future employment market – and yet perceptions of VET, particularly in the minds of careers advisors, are outdated.

Our brief was to challenge the current perceptions of VET, as part of the Federal Government’s National VET Information Strategy.

Working with CICA, we developed the ‘VET. It’s right now’ a content engagement campaign, utilising targeted digital channels such as direct email and social – we featured industry leaders such as PWC, Health Engine and Western Power speaking to the benefits of VET and showcased new research through animated shorts.

The digital campaign is supported by a National Event Series and Career Resources.

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The world of work is changing faster than ever. It’s not that we haven’t had change before, it’s just that the pace has really ramped up. As we go through the rapid change that’s happening at the moment we’re going to need to keep reskilling and upskilling throughout our lives and VET is the main way of doing that. That’s what VET is all about.Sara Caplan, CEO, PwC Skills for Australia