Creating an immersive online annual report

Department of Fire and Emergency Services

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DFES are proud to work with the WA community to prevent, prepare for, and respond to emergencies. Their annual report gives DFES the opportunity to show how they have performed over the year, including various highlights and challenges. The DFES team approached us to help them create their first online annual report for 2017-18.

After initial research, we suggested that DFES create a summary report, rather than a full HTML version. This meant we were able to take a story-led approach to the design, resulting in a much more user-friendly and engaging experience that appealed to a far larger target audience.

To further increase reader engagement, we designed the report to display information via clear and bold infographics, animated maps, downloadable PDFs and other simple, rich and visual content.
The DFES Annual Report was awarded the CPA Australia Award for Performance Reporting at the 2019 Lonnie Awards, with the judges praising the excellent presentation, articulation and design used throughout the report.


A simple, rich summary

"At a glance" — An interactive snapshot of what DFES has done in 2017 and a comparison with previous years.

We have developed and interactive map which displays all incidents from 2017 categorised by type of incident and region.