Building a strong safety culture on a remote mine site.

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South32 is a global company operating across five countries, including their Groote Eylandt Mining Company Operation (GEMCO) in Australia, which has been in operation for more than 50 years.

Following reports of unsafe workplace practices and increased risk of employee injury or death at GEMCO, South32 approached us to help them build a stronger safety culture amongst their workers.

We developed “Work to Live” – a campaign and powerful platform to remind people why they go to work every day. We met with families and friends of South32 employees and asked them what life would be like without their loved ones.

This series of emotive films were circulated to all staff, and supported by on-site collateral and communications.

The result

Employee and management engagement with our ‘Work to live’ campaign was high. By having South32 employees and their families as the face of our campaign posters and films, we helped to reinforce the message that no job was more important than coming home safe every day to loved ones.