Introducing Clean State

Left vs right. Jobs vs climate. Mining vs clean energy. It’s hard not to see the world we live in today in absolutes; in black and white thinking. But Clean State, a West Australian advocacy group for clean jobs and climate action, has the answer for it all.

In fact, they’ve got a plan where you can have it both ways – and 200,000 new jobs. All they needed to do was to create awareness around their plan, to stop the fighting over who’s right and who’s wrong, to instead put pressure on politicians and organisations to drive change.

‘&’ was a clear, cut through and positive idea, encouraging the public to put aside their differences and meet in the middle at a time where divisions and hostilities were high online. Social media and outdoor placements sparked discussion and awareness, driving sign ups to their database and encouraging people to discover their jobs plan and lobby for its implementation.

Bright purple background with the copy, "The best answers aren't black or white. They're black & white." Blue background bordered by yellow, pink and purple ampersands. In the middle is copy that says, "There's always another choice."
At a time when it's easy to feel lost in an endless sea of bickering, finger-pointing and name-calling online, we saw it as an opportunity to talk to people in a way that reached across the divide.
Amy Sutton Anthologie Managing Director

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