When it comes to recruitment, there are many misconceived ideas holding employers back from hiring people with disability. As an agency dedicated to changing lives through the power of inclusive employment, EDGE wanted to change people’s minds.

We set out to create an awareness campaign to address these falsely perceived barriers facing employers. We needed to inspire them to reconsider their biases of it being too difficult to hire someone with a disability – so who better to do that than people who have lived experience of the process. 

Can. Do. centres on sharing empowering stories of people with a disability and their experience of finding and having employment. The series of short films which highlight the difference employment makes to the lives of both employers and employees — as solicitor and disability rights lawyer Rita aptly says, “it’s not what you can’t do, it’s about what you can do”.

In speaking to a range of people with different lived experience, we uncovered uplifting and deeply human stories about people who just wanted to be seen and acknowledged for their abilities.

Disability employment is more than just a job placement. It’s about helping people to build purpose and discover new talents, while finding their place in the world. For employers, it’s an opportunity to change lives while finding great employees for their organisations.
Sally Hollins CEO, Edge Employment Solutions
This campaign is an extension of Edge’s highly inclusive ethos, and we’re privileged to be able to capture some of their clients’ powerful stories and get more people to consider employing people with disability.
Amy Sutton Managing Director, Anthologie

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