The world’s oceans are under threat from overfishing, pollution, and climate change, yet the demand for seafood has never been higher. Austral Fisheries is an Australian-owned sustainable seafood company that’s flying in the face of this, proving it can be done right.

As the world’s first carbon-neutral seafood company, Austral’s feats in sustainability are impressive. Their MSC certification, product traceability, community cleanup and tree-planting projects are continued efforts of this. But the future of our oceans depends on consumers making the shift to more sustainable choices at the checkout. So we set out to create a campaign that would build awareness for Austral’s environmental credentials, while sparking discussion around various ocean sustainability issues.

Seafood for Good centres on the idea that a ‘good catch can be good for the planet. Using targeted social media placements, online video, in-store promotions, and a campaign site, we created important discussion and awareness around Austral’s key sustainability initiatives.

showcasing what makes seafood 'good'

To engage consumers with how Austral means ‘Seafood for Good’, we distilled their four key areas that would be the centrepoint of the campaign. These included highlighting their industry-leading carbon neutral status, the traceability and transparency of their produce, their MSC sustainability certification, and their community regeneration projects.

A social campaign engaged audiences to vote on which of Austral’s four initiatives were most important to them, sparking a high engagement discussion on sustainability from a limited media spend.

A supporting campaign website immersed viewers in the positive impacts of purchasing Austral products. To further highlight their transparency, an interactive map experience takes the user on a step-by-step journey of their Karumba prawns, from ocean to plate.

Key Figures

People reached across Facebook
Social video views (from $700 spend)
Website visits

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