Collage of four images, each showing examples of VET graduates in the field: A photographer, people in the workshop, a woman in a field of crops, and a man working a camera for TV.

Australia is going through the most significant disruption in the world of work since the industrial revolution. Though Vocational Education and Training (VET) has the power to address this disruption in line with the realities of the current and future employment market, perceptions of VET are outdated. This is especially evident in the minds of careers advisors, making it more important than ever to find a way to challenge these preconceptions.

Working with the Career Industry Council of Australia (CICA), we developed an engagement campaign called ‘VET. It’s right now’. Utilising targeted digital channels, including direct email and social media, we created and shared a series of films featuring real students, educators and employers to demonstrate the ‘right now’ relevance of VET.

The short films targeted career advisors, and were supported by CICA showcase events, speaking appointments and a Career Information Day Kit. The films featured a range of industry leaders, showcasing the benefits of VET, backed by new research. We also produced a suite of longer films from the point of view of students, creating highly relevant and shareable content.

The campaign performed well, gaining a total of 1,446 complete video views via the CICA LinkedIn and Facebook pages, leading to 290 clicks through to the MySkills website.

Three posters championing 3 variations of the 'It's Right Now,' campaign.

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