As industries undergo seismic shifts and work as we know it continues to evolve at a blinding pace, a huge degree of uncertainty has emerged when it comes to the future of work leaving parents, students and career advisors unsure about how to navigate future career pathways.

The Career Industry Council of Australia (CICA) wanted to address misconceptions around the changing world of work and help young people plan for their futures with confidence.

Drawing on research and insights from parents, career advisors and students, the #Work2030 campaign tackled the burning questions facing tomorrow’s workforce through a series of targeted films, eDMs, and social media placements. Facilitated by ex-Triple J host, Tom Tilley, the film series dug into topics like skills requirements, the automation of jobs, and VET vs university. The campaign had a highly successful engagement rate, helping CICA to spark meaningful conversations to support the next generation as they enter the workforce.

We set out to engage real people, from school kids to HR leader, in meaningful discussions about how to prepare for the future of work. We were thrilled to have the support of industry heavy-weights, such as PwC, Energy Australia and Daimler International.
Amy Sutton Managing Director, Anthologie

Shaping conversations

We developed a series of hard-hitting questions that inspired discussion. A diverse panel of students, recent graduates, career advisors and professionals were invited to take part in a symposium, including the Global Head of HR from Daimler, plus senior leaders from Siemens, PwC and Energy Australia.

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