Image of B Corp Month Event Panel Held at Anthologie

In March, we celebrated B Corp month with an energising panel with incredible WA businesses. These weren’t just any businesses – they’re B Corps, companies certified for meeting the highest standards of social and environmental impact.

The event went beyond the badge – we delved into motivations, the challenges and rewards of measuring impact, and how B Corp certification inspires us to continually push ourselves  to do better for our people, our communities, and the planet.  

 The panel included Kylie Hansen, Founder Director of Impact Seed, Jennifer Mcmahon Founder of Modern People, Jo Wilson, Hesperia’s Head of Corporate Social Responsibility and Nic Brunsdon, Founder of Nic Brunson. There was a great mix of industries and perspectives, and B Corp is what brought us together. Here are the key insights from our conversation: 

  • B Corp Keeps Us Growing: certification isn’t a box to tick, it’s an opportunity to look inwards. It’s a constant reminder to ask ourselves how we can serve our people, our planet, and our community even better 
  • Putting Values into Practice: B Corp isn’t about feel-good statements. It gave us the tools to make changes that matter, from who we partner with to how we engage with stakeholders 
  • Working with a Clear Conscience: we’re not saving the world, but knowing our values are built into everything we do? That’s a seriously good feeling, and it helps us navigate tough business calls 
  • The Strength of Community: there’s a real drive among WA B Corps to learn from each other and work together. We’re all about growing this movement and making impact-focused business the way things are done 

These conversations highlighted the ongoing work that comes with B Corp certification.  We’re proud of the powerful projects we’ve tackled, like Walk Free’s Global Slavery Index and our work in areas like healthcare, disability and homelessness. But true impact demands continuous growth. While we just secured our recertification, we’re focused on driving even greater impact and action through: 

  • From Insights to Greater Impact: we pride ourselves on deep user research, but B Corp inspires us to take those insights further. We’ll be looking at how we use our design expertise not just to create better solutions, but to actively measure their long-term impact on the communities we serve 
  • Deeper Collaboration Across Sectors: B Corp Month showed us the potential for collaboration across industries. We’re excited to partner with like-minded organisations in community and environment sectors to combine our strengths and tackle complex challenges. 
  • Sharing Our Learnings for the Greater Good: actively sharing our knowledge and experience within the B Corp community to help others accelerate their own impact journeys. We’re already looking to arrange the next event, watch this space! 

If you’re thinking about becoming a B Corp or blazing your own trail, we have a great community around us and would love to chat. The more of us doing this, the better, right?