We’re a collection of problem solvers who see creativity and design as a means to shape a better world.

If there’s one thing we value as a group, it’s being open—to different perspectives, people, and ideas. An open mind is how we do the kind of work that matters.

Our world faces some insurmountable problems. The climate is changing, power conflicts threaten global catastrophe, humans still suffer from preventable diseases — both people and planet are being left behind in the quest for unrivalled profits and unchecked growth.

We are driven by the possibility of a better, more equitable world for all. Operating at the intersection of creativity, technology and impact, we bring unique insights and a progressive approach to “business as usual”. Having learned from our early years as a traditional agency, we’re now ahead of the pack in how we bring innovative ideas to local and global challenges.

Working on big, complex challenges requires diverse perspectives and collaboration. We work together, driven by a shared purpose and values. We bring humour, play and curiosity into our every day and we are accountable for our work and each other.


Our Team

Amy Sutton

Managing Director
Jenni Wallis

Jenni Wallis

Operations Director
Pascal Bompard

Pascal Bompard

Experience Design Lead

Adelina Naidu

Client Director
Ben Hagley

Ben Hagley

Design Lead

Hannah Carpenter

Senior Experience Designer

Paula Cameron

Strategy Director

Lucy Newman

Partnerships Director
Taylor Evans

Taylor Evans


Essie Mitchell

Digital Project Lead

Zoe Chua

Digital Project Manager

Matt Bolt

Technical Lead

Hayley Peou

Production and Studio Manager

Fabien Kruczek

Senior Developer

Studio life.

Large crowd of attendees of the UX Camp 2022 posing for a photo in auditorium 7 of the Anthologie team laid back on a rooftop garden at Christmas party. Imogen, Taylor, Rachel, Taylor, Ben and a Blood Donation representative in uniform holding "I gave blood today" signs.