We believe in the power of creativity, design and technology to transform lives.

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We partner with progressive businesses and organisations to re-imagine their strategies, define their purpose, design better experiences and connect with the people that matter.


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We use strategy, creativity and human-centred design
thinking to deliver powerful branded experiences.

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  • Anthologie are one of those rare agencies that feel like they actually are part of your business, part of the team. Their vision, insight, and creativity mean they not only dig deep into the essence of our brand but they also think of ways to bring it to life that we never could. In doing so, Anthologie instantly provides a return on investment as their work captures the imagination of our clients, sponsors, audiences, and our own team, inspiring them to get involved.
    Perth Symphony Orchestra
    Bourby Webster, Director
  • To establish a new business in a new industry, having consultants like Anthologie is not only a must but a pleasure. Consultants must be able to react quickly, often without all the information and sometimes even stop and head in another direction. They call it pivoting but with the wrong consultant, they call it difficult and frustrating. Amy and her team not only takes it all in their stride but they do it with a smile. And they get the job done.
    Adrian Lee, CEO
  • The team at Anthologie are remarkable for their innovation, passion, verve, strategy, team work, professionalism and compassion. This fantastic combination has been critical to the success of interwoven initiatives to improve the lives of individuals and families living with undiagnosed, genetic and rare diseases. On behalf of the children, youth and families – thank you!
    Project Y
    Dr Gareth Baynam, Undiagnosed Disease Program
  • I would like to personally thank you all for your involvement in this project and the fantastic work you have assisted in creating. It’s a monumental project which, through our collaboration, we have been able to visually communicate evidence, data, research and personal stories achieving a global “call to action” that we all play a part in.
    Global Slavery Index 2018
    Tina Mash, Minderoo Foundation