Surprisingly, Australians have one of the highest personal carbon footprints in the world. In response to this, we were tasked by Carbon Positive Australia to design a carbon calculator that would help Aussies understand, measure and offset their carbon footprint.

Driven by this important purpose, we collectively set out to create the single most user-friendly carbon calculator, to inspire Australians to make positive changes to their own impact. Uniquely based on Australian emissions factors, the calculator strikes a balance between detail and simplicity, distilling complex information down into practical actions.

The tool is designed to be completed in one sitting – questions are prepared in such a way as to be answerable on the spot, while at the same time having a depth of analysis to generate detailed and actionable results. The calculator aims to deliver an engaging, repeat-use experience, encouraging the user to track their impact and reduce and offset their emissions.


creating a simple, repeat-use experience

Through in-depth user testing, the experience was crafted to take advantage of simple design patterns and repetition, allowing the user to quickly learn how to navigate and use the tool.

A chart showing survey results of reasons why people think the carbon calculator is useful.
A graphic showing the user journey of the app.
We knew that Anthologie was a B-Corp but what came next was a welcome surprise. We had found a team of smart, talented individuals with a genuine investment in the delivery of our project. What has made the relationship different is that they share our ethos, and this shared approach has made the experience one that we intend to take into the future.
Louise Tarrier CEO, Carbon Positive Australia
3 screenshots of the Carbon Calculator app, showing what users can expect from the app.
Australia’s user-friendly Carbon Footprint Calculator represents the first outcome of Anthologie’s annual pro-bono program, Fulcrum. Supporting social enterprises and not-for-profits to bring innovative ideas to life.
Amy Sutton Anthologie Managing Director
Phone mock up of the Carbon Calculator app, showing a breakdown of the user's carbon footprint from the last 3 months.

The tool was built as a standalone React application, integrating with Carbon Positive Australia’s own website and online retail system. Visitors can calculate their carbon footprint and then proceed to offset their carbon emissions by investing in native revegetation projects.

Screenshots from Carbon Calculator app, showing the users carbon footprint. A screenshot of the Carbon Calculator app, showing a breakdown of the user's carbon footprint from the last 3 months. An illustration of a man watering growing trees and a woman compacting soil around a plant. A screenshot of the Carbon Calculator app. The cleanly designed page is titled, 'Your impact in detail', and an example breakdown of carbon usage across Transport, water, food and drink.

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