Global Slavery Index

There are an estimated 50 million people worldwide living in modern slavery.

These individuals are subjected to various forms of exploitation, from forced labour and commercial sexual exploitation to forced marriages and human trafficking. In each case, these people were denied the freedom to choose how to work and live their lives. 

Given such widespread, systemic human impact, what would it take to bring this issue to an end? 

Walk Free continued to take on this challenge in 2023, with the release of their fifth edition of the Global Slavery Index (GSI) – a comprehensive analysis of modern slavery, encompassing over 25,000 data points across 160 countries. Operating closely with Walk Free and the Minderoo Foundation, we worked to support in releasing the 2023 GSI across several fronts. 

Global Slavery Index 2023


Walk Free wanted the 2023 GSI to drive change through powerful messages and stories, alongside a rich body of readily available, accessible data. The aim was to launch the findings to a global audiences, via news media, advocates and influencers, and present the research in an engaging, and accessible way – arming a global audience with a compelling story to drive change. Delivered through a rich data dashboard and tool, publication and social media content. 

We established ourselves as a flexible, multidisciplinary partner for Walk Free, to support them in bringing these initiatives to life. With all the moving parts, change would be inevitable over the project timeline, so collaboration with researchers, communications specialists and change makers was critical. 



Our digital team took on the shared challenge of designing and developing an online platform for the GSI, with the end goal of providing in-depth, intuitive access to the comprehensive modern slavery dataset. Done right, the online tool would afford global stakeholders ready access to use the data for their own tailored advocacy. 

Working alongside European data agency Åpenhet, we approached the design of the platform to bring the data to life through interactive maps, key figures, dynamic visualisations and infographics. At a glance, visitors would be able to explore the depth of data from the global perspective down to individual country comparisons. 

Ultimately, we needed to devise and implement a tool to make the complex simple, allowing full control of Walk Free’s extensive research for visitors of all backgrounds. 

Details of Global Slavery Index 2023 Details of Global Slavery Index 2023


On the socials front, our design team co-created a content plan for the extent of the GSI launch campaign, spreading awareness ahead of launch, amplifying the signal on the day, and reinforcing the message in the weeks and months post-release. 

The social campaign not only needed to support and promote the 2023 GSI, but also raise awareness for Walk Free and their leadership in the space. Throughout, we crafted content and messaging that focused on key highlights featured in the report and created an advocacy pack of social media assets for government, organisations and individuals to further spread the message. 

Global Slavery Index 2023 Social Media Content GIF
Global Slavery Index 2023 publication front cover image


Central to the 2023 GSI campaign, the printed report is a 326 page, rich visual document that consolidates research and analysis to illustrate the impact of modern slavery. A document of this scale, with such a depth of information, would require many hands and a range of stakeholders. Our team worked with Walk Free to bolster their resources in the production of this report, over a broad timeline conceptualising, designing and production for release.

Global Slavery Index 2023 publication pages
Global Slavery Index 2023 publication pages
Global Slavery Index 2023 publication pages
Global Slavery Index 2023 publication pages
Global Slavery Index 2023 publication pages


The launch of the printed report and the online platform has brought renewed attention the 2023 GSI’s extensive analysis, enabling advocates and change-makers access to tools and material that can help them advance the movement to end modern slavery.

Media outreach surrounding the launch found significant traction, with more than 1,500 global media items, over 500 global broadcast items and a potential global audience of 4.5 billion. Australia alone accounted for over 700 media placements and a potential audience of 13.3 million.

The online platform has proven to be a critical resource since launch, with governments, business leaders and NGOs reporting it as instrumental when informing and shaping their strategies and actions against modern slavery. From foreign offices to local police officers across the globe, the development of the 2023 GSI online platform marks a significant stride in the ongoing movement to end modern slavery.

Walk Free's Global Slavery Index Media Snapshots

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