Helping older Australians live full and independent lives for longer

Navigating the complexities of ageing and support services is a significant challenge for older people. The information landscape is vast and fragmented, with resources scattered across various platforms and organisations. This often leads to confusion, frustration, and missed opportunities for vital support.

Older Australians face unique challenges, starting with information overload. The sheer volume of available information can be overwhelming, making it difficult to identify reliable resources. Accessibility barriers further compound the issue, as many websites and platforms exclude those with visual, auditory, or cognitive impairments.

The lack of personalisation in available information and services is another obstacle. Generic information often fails to address the unique needs and circumstances of individuals, leaving them feeling unsupported. Additionally, limited awareness of available services and benefits can result in unmet needs and a diminished quality of life.

Independent Living Assessment (iLA) recognised these challenges and sought to create a solution that would empower their users to navigate the complexities of the support landscape with confidence and ease. LiveUp, iLA’s free digital platform, was designed to be this solution.



Anthologie partnered with iLA to transform LiveUp into a user-centric digital platform that empowers its users. We embarked on a comprehensive UX audit, conducted in-depth stakeholder interviews, and facilitated a participatory workshop with individuals aged 65 and over. This multifaceted approach ensured a deep understanding of user needs and pain points at every stage of their journey.

We developed a personalised filter mechanism, rigorously tested with users to refine its functionality. This data-driven process culminated in a strategic product roadmap, prioritising UX improvements to maximise the platform’s impact.


While product modifications are ongoing, our work has already empowered iLA with a clear, user-validated direction. This strategic foundation ensures that all future enhancements to LiveUp will be driven by genuine user needs, not assumptions.

This translates to a more accessible, personalised, and empowering digital experience for those seeking to maximise their independence and well-being.

The success of this project has fostered a strong partnership with iLA, leading to further collaboration with their partner company, Indigo, on projects like the National Equipment Database (NED) and GeAT2Go. This expanded engagement demonstrates our commitment to making a meaningful difference in the ageing and disability support sector.

Commencing work with Anthologie was a turning point in the journey of LiveUp. It’s not only that they are they a safe set of hands, insisting on evidence and co-design to back every decision. Nor is it the fact that the UX work has consistently been of the highest calibre. More than that, it’s the fact they are genuinely driven by a passion and belief in what we’re trying to achieve: a better life for older people in Australia.

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