Two guys bobbing on surfboards in the ocean and giving the camera shakas. Over them is the L28 Logo.

In the rapidly emerging middle class of China, demand for quality products and produce is on the rise, with quality beef a key part of this boom. As a premier beef exporter to the country, L28 recognised that the time was ripe to accelerate their growth and stake their claim as the most coveted Australian beef brand in China.

Having lived and worked extensively in China, L28’s leadership team already had created a strong foothold in market, but wanted to better understand their client base and build greater brand loyalty. Via strategic workshops and with support from specialist Chinese consumer consultants, we co-created customer profiles and a renewed brand strategy and positioning. Through this evolved brand personality, authentic tone of voice and visual identity, we provided a framework for L28 to own and drive the ‘Aussie beef lifestyle brand’ throughout China and create desire amongst a new target audience.

The reimagined brand shifts away from the outback clichés and evokes the contemporary casual Australian lifestyle of BBQs with family and friends, easy-going summer afternoons, and a love of the outdoors. A laidback palette of colours, typography and messaging is brought together by the connecting ‘latitude’ line device, inspired by the 28th degree of latitude on which their farm resides.

Positioning the brand

Following a number of strategic workshops, we developed customer profiles and a distinct positioning. The new brand platform of ‘Feed your potential’ will position L28 as the must-have lifestyle food brand in China.

Snapshot of the L8 strategy doc, showing the brand personality.

The brand symbol references the 28th degree of latitude of the cattle farm, distilling this down into a simple symbol that can also be read as a classic West Australian sunset over water.

Poster for L8 campaign. It's a close up of a hand holding chopsticks, which is holding a bite-sized chunk of red meat. The copy above reads, 'Welcome to your happy place.'
Our research on Chinese food retailers uncovered a lot of clichés in the Australian meat category. The new identity’s simplicity, boldness, and emphasis on lifestyle absolutely separates L28 from the pack.
Shay Fletcher Creative, Anthologie
We’d heard great things about Anthologie, and they didn’t disappoint. From start to finish, they just ‘got’ what we were trying to achieve, helping us to create a brand that really stands out and gets noticed within a crowded international market.
James Williamson Founder, L28

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