press release – 16 January 2024

Anthologie is thrilled to announce a partnership with Policy Cures Research, a global health research and organisation dedicated to improving the health of the world’s most disadvantaged people and populations.

Policy Cures Research uses evidence to drive medical research and biomedical innovation for historically neglected and underfunded health issues. It provides robust evidence, high-quality analysis, and engages with the global health community to offer strategic advice and expertise to stimulate efficient funding for biomedical research and development.

As Policy Cures Research sets its sights on improving the lives of the world’s most disadvantaged people, Anthologie will lead the way in positioning the brand and articulating its purpose, vision and mission. The full scope of work will include in-depth audience research, brand strategy, naming, brand identity and a large scale research and data platform on the web, comprising visualisation, interaction and editorial.

With a focus on projects that impact people and planet, Anthologie is well placed to support Policy Cures Research.

Dr Nick Chapman, CEO of Policy Cures Research commented on the partnership: “We were originally looking for someone to help us develop a digital communications strategy, and were drawn to Anthologie by their B-corp status and body of work with other data-driven organisations. Then from our earliest interactions with the Anthologie team we realised this partnership could deliver so much more – not only updating our entire brand identity and strategy and creating new digital platforms, but also more holistically helping us increase the impact of the work we do.”

Amy Sutton, Founder and Managing Director at Anthologie, added “This partnership is an exciting one for us, as it taps into our blended strategic, design and tech expertise perfectly, this is data-driven global impact at scale. We are so thrilled to be partnering with PCR to help them in their goal to accelerate knowledge creation for equitable health and can’t wait to show the world what we develop together.”

The new brand will launch during the World Health Assembly in Geneva in May 2024, accompanied by the first release of their digital research platform. Future releases with additional capability will continue to roll out throughout 2024.

Click here to learn more about Policy Cures Research and their vital work.