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As organisations grow and evolve, their need for integrated tools and services becomes paramount. Main Roads WA (WA Government) faced such a challenge in 2020, struggling with over 30 disparate systems to manage complex traffic operations.
This fragmentation caused significant inefficiencies, as team members had to constantly switch between systems, leading to lost time and productivity. With Perth’s rapid growth, the demand for consistent and timely responses to road incidents was increasingly difficult to meet.
Anthologie was brought in to design a streamlined solution, resulting in a custom, consolidated interface that significantly improved operational efficiency and user experience.
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Anthologie took a user-centered approach to tackle this challenge. We immersed ourselves in the real-time operations center, closely observing the daily workflows, obstacles, and frustrations faced by the on-ground team. This hands-on research was crucial in understanding the specific pain points related to multiple detached systems and frequent context switching.
Our proposal was straightforward yet impactful: consolidate the existing datasets and systems into a single, customisable, user-friendly interface. By integrating multiple datasets we were able to eliminate the friction of operating multiple systems and enhance productivity. Whilst at the same time, enhancing and dramatically improving situational analysis and awareness.
The platform was map based and featured real-time alerts. Operators could enable diagnostic overlays such as weather conditions, traffic congestion, and road monitoring devices. Additionally, individual tools could be dynamically positioned around the map, allowing users to tailor their interface to their immediate needs.
Main Roads WA Real Time Insights Research
Main Roads WA Real Time Insights early sketches
Main Roads WA Real Time Insights Research


The platform we developed provided a clear path forward for Main Roads WA. It demonstrated how a consolidated, customisable interface could streamline operations, reduce time spent on system navigation, and enhance overall performance. The user-centred design approach ensured that the solution met the specific needs of the operations team, leading to a more efficient and user-friendly system. This blueprint not only improved organisational performance but also empowered individual team members by providing them with a more intuitive and responsive toolset.

Main Roads WA Real Time Insights component Main Roads WA Real Time Insights component
Main Roads WA Real Time Insights component
Main Roads WA Real Time Insights component

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